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By | August 16, 2019

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After several months of trying to film videos with our video gear aka Iphones, we decided to purchase some additional equipment to help create YouTube videos this year. We made several videos since our Flipping Hitched journey began this year, but we have decided to go all in filming our renovation and RVing adventures with our video gear.

When starting out there are so many options when it comes to video equipment. So, I wanted to make a list of our video gear that we purchased to help create our videos and share our experiences with you as we document our journey. Here’s our complete list of our gear:

View the full list directly on Amazon.

View the full list directly on Amazon.

We’re always looking for a way to improve our videos or help make our lives a little bit easier. We’ll be introducing more video tips and resources on the blog this year so stay tuned!

Let us know what gear you use in the comments below! If you haven’t yet, we would love if you would subscribe to our Youtube channel!

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Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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