Turning Our RV Into A Mooving Farmhouse

By | October 8, 2019

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What an adventure Turning Our RV into a Mooving Farmhouse has been for us! After years of pestering my husband for a camper (one he would let me “Renovate”) my dream came true November of 2018 .  I will never forget the look in my husbands eyes when I mentioned all of the ideas that were running through my head for our first farmhouse camper renovation. I wanted a place that felt like home, a place that I craved to vacation in with our large family! 

When we purchased the camper, I had the big dream of redoing several and putting them in our favorite places to vacation (on permanent spots).  We would always have a spot to vacation without the hassle and big expense it takes to find a place to fit our family of 8. I wanted to rent these renovated campers out for others to have the same wonderful vacation experience!  Now that the renovation is 95% done, we have started small with renting it out for others to enjoy too. They book their campground… then book our unit and just sit back and enjoy!

Farmhouse Camper Renovation

Looking back, I would say the hardest part of the renovation would be choosing my colors!  Would I go safe with all white. Oh how I love a black bottom cabinet and a white top cabinet.  My heart kept being drawn to a green color, but finding the right green was just so stressful! So each kid grabbed a roller and a brush and we primed and primed and primed!  2-3 coats… and every inch of the camper!  {clean walls first with tsp, then sand, and then get started with gripper primer}.

Then came the paint!  We used a latex paint in Ultra White and applied SEVERAL coats! I just hate all the taping, next time I may try spraying the camper. We originally painted the kitchen cabinets a blue color.  I liked it, but I just didn’t LOVE it.

 When I realized I needed another can of the blue paint and the place I got it from was a good hour or more drive… I used that as an excuse to just go for it and do my green!  I tried so many samples!  I fell in love with a Valspar Chalk Paint Color in Peridot Broche that I asked Lowes Hardware to turn into a Latex paint. (I will say that I chose to use chalk paint in the bathroom.  At this point, I haven’t decided which I liked better and which last better on the cabinet, but I think the chalk paint doesn’t seem to have any peeling effect). 

Farmhouse Camper Renovation

From there… I let my mind just go!  I love textures… I love color… I love all things farmhouse!  I chose not to do all white like you typically see… because I wanted it to be “fun” and comfy.  I am hoping my renovation nailed that! 

I had my good friend and woodworker with Moore’s Decor Unlimited handle most of our wood projects!  He has always knocked my home projects out of the park, so I knew he was just the man for the job!  We started with the entertainment center wall.  It was the biggest pet peeve I had in the renovation!  “Why did they make it so narrow?”.  Anthony with Moore’s Decor Unlimited built my wall with weight in mind.  My original plan was to have him build the cabinet for under the TV, but then I found the one we used at our local Hobby Lobby.  It works perfectly! 

Next I would have Anthony build my counter top!  I purchased 2 sheets of maple plywood (I liked the grain style on it).  I went with 2 because I wanted that thickness.  Anthony used liquid nail and his skills to attach the 2 for thickness and used the old counter as a template.  We did extend it some to create extra space. He stained it, used 2 coats of gloss poly coat, and then a matte because I didn’t want a real glossy top.  (I purchased the Elkay Quarts Classic Undermount sink and Gappo Pull Down Kitchen faucet from amazon!)

The next projects I would have him do is design my awesome bathroom door.  He used 1/8 plywood to create the design over the existing hollow door to always keep the weight in mind.  I sent him a picture of what I wanted… and he knocked it out of the park again. 

He would use the same 1/8 plywood to do the ship lap by my bathroom doors and the walls in the slide! We ended up with a neat design in the slide to offset the weird shaping you get in a camper (unlevel walls etc).

The final project I had him do was the table.  I had purchased a round table from Hobby Lobby that I loved, but after one trip… it just wasn’t ideal for our family.  I asked Anthony to do a 2×3 top in a herringbone pattern and burn the bull from our Logo in it.  It turned out AMAZING!

Now, enjoy the rest of the farmhouse camper renovation with before and after photos below! Keep scrolling for a list of things we used along the way too!

Where the rest of the items used in the farmhouse camper renovation came from:

  • Living room Futon: Walmart $299
  • Living area Light Fixtures: Walmart $25 a piece
  • Back Splash over the sink: Snazzy Decals on Etsy {I did the 4X4 pattern}
  • Kitchen Black and White Subway Tile: Hobby Lobby
  • Floors: Core Tec Vinyl Planks
  • Master Wallpaper: Lowes Hardware by The Property Brothers
  • Buffalo Plaid Wallpaper: Target
  • Subway tile Wall Paper in the bathroom: Amazon
  • Greenleaf Wallpaper in the Bathroom: Lowes Hardware by The Property Brothers
  • Bunkroom Shiplap: Walmart
  • Bunkroom Cactus Wallpaper: Walls We Love
  • Black Paint: Valspar Chalk Paint in Tricorn Black
  • Green Paint: Valspar Chalk Paint color Perdiot Broche
  • White Paint: Ultra White
  • Bean Bag in Bunk: Cordaroys (turns into a bed)
  • Wood Benches at Kitchen area: TJ MAXX
  • Cow Hide Benches: Ross
  • Cabinet Under the TV: Hobby Lobby
  • 2 tier shelf by bathroom door: TJ MAXX
  • Storage under benches: TJ MAXX
  • Cow Print at Bathroom wall: Hobby Lobby
  • Cow Print by the stove: At Home
  • Cow Print in Master: Hobby Lobby

I hope our farmhouse camper renovation inspires others to step out of the box and go for it!  I am my own worse critic and second guessed myself the whole way… I am so glad I went outside the box and so happy with the end result!  Renting it to others for them to enjoy is just a added bonus!  Be sure to follow us on Instagram at Flipping Hitched to see all the process in between and during this renovation. Also, you can see any changes we make and finishing touches still being applied.  We also plan to get another rig soon… and I already have my color scheme all picked out!  “Join the Herd”!

Thanks for reading our flipping blog! Send us a message or comment below and let us know what you think about our Flipping Farmhouse Camper Renovation! We’d love to hear from you!

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