We Purchased Our Families First Camper

By | March 1, 2019

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The Summer of 2018 was nothing short of perfect after we spent a weekend in Buxton, NC in a camper that our friends let us use for my wife’s birthday! My wife and I have a blended family of five girls and one boy so when we travel things get a little hectic and cramped at times, but after that weekend we purchased our families first camper.


After a camping trip with my aunt and uncle at a very early age that ended horribly, I have always been terrified of “camping”. I remember arriving to the campsite that we set up on the side of a mountain and just as we about had everything set up a storm came through with some pretty heavy wind and rain that forced us to sleep in the back of the ford taurus station wagon. 

As I look back as an adult below are my two definitions of camping:

  • Camping to me as a child was pulling up to the campsite in a station wagon and unloading the hundreds of pieces of equipment that you need to camp. (Tents, Chairs, Sleeping bags, Lanterns, Tables, Flashlights, Hammocks, etc.) 
  • Camping as an adult meant calling the closest hotel that had a/c and making a reservation to avoid the heat and any bugs that may be crawling around.

Why We Purchased Our First Camper

Skip ahead to the Summer of 2018: When we arrived to the camper on Friday I was a nervous wreck about being in a confined place with all these kids screaming and not having an escape. After arriving we opened the door and this was nothing like I had imagined, there was a tv, sleeper sofa, table to eat, master bedroom, full bathroom, bunkhouse in the back for the kids, stove, microwave and a refrigerator. This was not what I expected at all! There was enough room for all the kids and my wife and I to relax and not have to sleep on the floor. I immediately thought to myself, “I have got to get one of these” and started thinking about all the fun things we could do as a family with a camper of our own. 

My wife and I spent months looking for the right camper for our family and after months and months of research and looking around for the best deal we purchased our families first camper. We found a local family that was looking to upgrade to a fifth wheel and they gave us a pretty sweet deal on this 32 foot Heartland North Trail with Bunkhouse.

We Purchased Our First Camper

We are super excited about our new travel trailer and we are looking forward to all the memories that we will make with our children. Now we begin the renovation process and I am sure Bridget has some awesome things in store

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Trey and Bridget

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